Rain Water Collection

People have been collecting rainwater for centuries and in many parts of the world this is still common practice as it is their only source of clean water. In recent years as environmental concerns sweep our nation and green design and building practices are becoming the standard, rainwater collection has seen a resurgence. Rainwater is collected for many reasons. By collecting rainwater we can reuse the water for irrigation, in home uses, and drinking water in some cases. Rainwater collection also gives us the opportunity to control how water is reintroduced into the environment. By slowing the waters return we can eliminate flooding, erosion and provide better slow infiltration back into the ground, all of which have become problems largely because of human growth and our built environment.

Rainwater collection is not new to PondWorks either, we have been collecting water since the business began over 15 years ago. PondWorks has several 50 gallon collection tanks and a 500 gallon holding tank that catch and contain water from the approximately 2000sq ft roof surface of one of our buildings. This water is then piped underground to our greenhouse where it is used to fill plant and fish holding tanks. While we have only installed several systems commercially to date the pond and filtration work we have extensive experience with means we have the tools and knowledge to provide and install rainwater collection that works. We would love the opportunity to provide this service for your business or home. There are many options that can make rain water collection affordable, beneficial and totally integrated.