Offering Design, Construction and Maintenance Services for Ponds, Water Features, Bio Pools, Koi Ponds and Rainwater Harvesting.

pond design, construction and maintenance in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD

PondWorks specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of a wide variety of quality-crafted residential and commercial water features for hundreds of customers throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Building from a collective education, experience, talent, passion and inspiration; the craftsmen at PondWorks continually conceptualize and craft indoor and outdoor water features that are beautiful, inspirational, functional and environmentally significant in their respective surroundings.

Established in 1993, PondWorks is the brainchild of avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur, Brian Buchholtz. From an early age, fishing, boating and exploring creeks and waterfalls were just a few of the many outdoor activities that fostered a fascination for him of all things water related. This fascination eventually developed into a pronounced attraction to, and appreciation of, manmade water features like fountains, ponds, and reflecting poolsHe was not only interested in what made them aesthetically appealing, but also what made them function and how he may improve on the concepts.

Brian’s interests in design, structure and functionality led him to attend Philadelphia University and earn a degree in Architecture (B.Arch). While working on his degree, Brian continued designing and installing garden ponds, water features and koi ponds as his studies allowed.  Before graduating, he spent a semester abroad in Rome absorbing the built environment, history, culture, art and science offered in Europe and North Africa. Soon after graduating, he refocused his attention to expanding PondWorks by utilizing his newly enhanced knowledge and skill set with an ever expanding passion for all forms of design and construction.

Working personally and closely with customers while creating in-depth and inspirational relationships has helped Brian develop PondWorks into an industry respected company.  Much of PondWorks’ growth has come from word of mouth references among customers, consultants, designers and fellow professionals.  Customer service is a priority in all aspects of the company from initial design consultation to monthly or yearly maintenance service contract visits.  Each customer, and each pond / water feature is unique and important to PondWorks’ growth and reputation.

PondWorks’ initial backyard garden ponds and waterfall projects have expanded into elaborate koi ponds, ornamental water features, maintenance and service contracts, indoor and outdoor corporate fountains, golf-course ponds, fish hatcheries, potable water storage systems, wetland construction and rehabilitation, rain water harvesting systems, stormwater detention and natural Bio swimming pools (eco-pools) among many other unique projects across Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Delaware (DE) and Maryland (MD).

Today, the like-minded craftsmen that PondWorks employs share his passion, talent and inspiration and continue to cultivate the rich tradition that hundreds of loyal customers have celebrated for more than two decades.